Energy efficiency

Having new energy efficient windows fitted is still one of the best home improvements a home owner can choose.

Energy efficiency

Keeping your home warm and energy bills low

Many homes suffer from substantial heat loss through single glazed, older double glazed or poorly installed windows. This heat loss can be reduced dramatically by switching to energy efficient windows, allowing you to save energy and reduce your household bills. Having new energy efficient windows fitted is still one of the best home improvements a home owner can choose, adding value to the property as well as saving on heating bills.

Saving the planet

Due to their outstanding thermal insulation properties energy efficient windows can have a real impact on your carbon footprint. By retaining heat for longer within your property, there is less need to turn the heating on, thereby resulting in reduced carbon emissions from burning less fuel.

Energy efficiency made simple

Technical information regarding the performance of windows can be confusing and is not always fully explained. For this reason the British Fenestration Ratings Council introduced in 2006 the Window Energy Ratings (WER), a grading system which assigns grades from A to G with A being the best and most energy efficient and C the minimum required to meet building regulation requirements. The rating is calculated from a combination of the amount of heat lost – the so-called “U value”, the windows’ air tightness around the seals and the ability to gain heat energy from the sun.

Hafren Window installations easily achieve A ratings, and if required can surpass this and achieve an A+ rating, or even the Passivhaus standard for low energy new build projects. Whether you choose tilt and turn, casement or flush fit windows, all of our windows and doors provide the very highest levels of thermal efficiency.


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